The ONLY Private Confidential Surgical Facility in
the Upstate Six County area for your safety,privacy
and comfort!

​Get the Healthy Good Looking Legs You Deserve:
​W​e've treated thousands of clients with Varicose
Vein​s ​with laser ablation, vein removal and sclerotherapy.

There's No Need To Age Gracefully -
We Treat All 3 Signs of Aging:

  1. We treat all Complexion Problems
    using the most scientific skincare available:
    including acne, brown spots, rosacea, facial veins, sun damaged skin and more.
  2. Wrinkles with ALL of the available treatments including Bellafill - the 5 Year Filler
  3. Sagging skin (including turkey neck, eye bags, sagging bellies and thighs) with Thermi!

Learn How to Get the Healthy Good-Looking Legs
You Deserve NOW With Dr. Dohner’s NEW Book

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Locations are at: 75 Pennsylvania Ave Binghamton NY 607/201-1110
6 Country Club Rd Oneonta NY 607/431-2525 - 157 East Main St Norwich NY 607/336-2400